Our Culture

Our Culture Is a Culture of Excellence

Culture of Excellence​​

ASD’s foundation is the organization’s culture of excellence and our shared values. Though we are a multi-generational staff of Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials, each with uniquely different backgrounds, identities, and skills, all staff share a fundamental set of core values. Through our work efforts as a team, we all individually have made a personal commitment to make things better for our client through ASD’s service delivery.

At ASD we are also committed to employee success, and we have generated a culture that promotes excellence and continual improvement. We have open communication, trust, and respect for one another. We create collaborative environments, review and improve processes, and challenge each other to stretch beyond comfort zones and tackle demanding work tasks with determination. 

For us, our employee success is primarily measured by how we facilitate client success. Our clients rely on us to provide value-add IT solutions. To accomplish our mission, we are continually learning and expanding our knowledge. To facilitate this, we provide our staff access to conferences, coursework, and networking opportunities–and we encourage specialized certifications and related knowledge pursuit. We know the more we learn, the better we can serve our clients, and that retaining our highly qualified workforce is mission critical to maintaining our capability.

Shared Core Values


We are genuine, open, ethical and fair.


We cultivate diverse ideas and encourage a collaborative and collective approach to produce intelligent solutions.


We listen, observe, and engage. We embrace and support continuous improvement.


We lead by example through professional and personal initiative and superior work ethic, and we follow our management and expertise leaders.


We believe continual learning and the courage to widen and deepen our knowledge power the pursuit of excellence.​

A recent statement by ASD President John DuBard highlights just how important our corporate culture is to ASD’s success with service delivery:
"My vision was to create an organization focused, first and foremost, on addressing customer needs. For this reason, we routinely recruit and retain highly qualified staff with this same vision. They will fit well in our corporate culture championing customer service and quality perspectives. We enjoy performing our work, working together, and serving customers—and we also believe in fostering a pleasant work environment. I’m proud of our culture’s shared values and the professionalism of our staff."
John DuBard