Our Company

Our Vision, Mission, & Strategy Are Customer Focused

Our Vision

Our vision is to realize our full potential and effectively support our communities by delivering innovative IT solutions to state and federal governments.

Our Mission

Our mission is with integrity and quality to deliver situationally appropriate value-add IT solutions supporting the missions of our government customers.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to build and maintain robust internal service capabilities and partnerships so we can effectively address customer needs with leading-edge solutions of discernably superior value.

Our Story

Since our formation, ASD has reliably met our customers’ needs. The technologies and approaches may have changed over the years. But we still recruit and employ only the best of the best job candidates, and we still go the extra length proactively and reactively to ensure the success of each service engagement.

Today, we know the keys to success are our customer-driven focus, world-class employees, wealth of business and technical experience, forward-looking technology expertise, and best practice management approaches.  

We understand our customers look to partners like us to provide value-add services and solutions in support of their mission objectives. We embrace our role and strive to thrive. Every engagement our goal is the same: to add value in support of the customer mission and to fully achieve all project goals.

40 years after our formation as a one-person company our workforce is over 100 strong. We have completed more than 600 successful projects for more than 100 government agencies. We are just as committed as ever to make the next project more successful than the last project. Continual improvement is in our corporate DNA.

In a rapidly transforming IT industry, our strategy is to stay ahead of the curve on the leading edge. From our experience, it’s there we can provide the most value to customers.

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